Equivalent Skills

While filling out applications and looking for jobs, employers keep asking about my experience with MS Access.  To be totally honest, I have pretty much none.  Now, I have a copy of Access on my computer, and I’ve played around with it, and guess what I found out?  It’s a database program, not really that exciting.  Thing is, while I don’t have any experience with MS Access, I do have some experience working with SQL and SQLite databases.  My friend tells me they’re more complicated than MS Access databases, but I’m going to have to take his word on that.  Anyways, I have a point to all this.  When I’m telling an employer that, “No, I don’t have a lot of particular experience with MS Access,” I should also be able to say, “But I have this really similar skill, and damnit I’m a smart guy.  I’ll figure it out.”  Maybe not in those particular words.  What I have decided, though is that I should really look into some sort of MOS certification or something, because even though I know I’m pretty good with the Office suite and other similar programs, I wouldn’t mind a nice, single thing I could point to for an employer to see.  I guess it’s easier for everyone involved if you can qualify and quantify these things.

Bonus points if it comes on fancy paper.


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