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I’ve got a more serious post rattling around in my mind, but I’m writing this one while watching my niece and nephew. I love them, but it’s not an environment made for deep thought. They’re just too adorable, so I’m just going for some of the more random things that have been on my mind of late.

First up, I can’t wait until April 16th. Mostly because I am ready for all these damn tax preparation ads to end. The ones where places make a big deal about free federal e-file are particularly egregious. Why? Because federal law requires that tax preparers allow you to file your federal return for free. Advertising that is like a hotel saying your room comes with, I don’t know, air. The ones are really getting on my nerves because they’re on Hulu what seems like every other ad break.

Speaking of Hulu, I got a survey from them a few days ago. This is my biggest complaint about Hulu. Repetitive ads, I mean. I know the ad variety is there. If you watch a bunch of different shows, you see different commercials. If you watch one show in marathon style though, it’s the same few ads over and over and over again.

Next up, BioShock Infinite. I finished it quite some time ago and I gotta say it was amazing. Just, wow. I played through the whole experience on hard mode which I recommend. This is assuming that you haven’t started playing yet. Which is only excusable if you don’t own the game yet, which in itself isn’t really excusable. Anywho. Challenging, but not overwhelming. I’m looking forward to 1999 mode and achievement hunting. Especially the no store one which sounds crazy. Gameplay aside, the story was pretty amazing, too. The ending was a wee bit out there, but made a lot more sense once I watched it through a second time. Also, there’s a post-credit sequence that it helps to watch. Oh and I’ve had “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” stuck in my head for weeks.

Final thought, back on Hulu and the like: I’m looking for a new show to watch, something on Netflix or Hulu that’s complete. Suggestions welcome.


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