Amanda Palmer Exploded My Twitter

A few days ago Amanda Palmer posted a question on her twitter feed. She asked any of her followers who consider themselves writers what was the point at which they considered themselves an “actual writer?” and also what point they felt legitimized. AFP has a massive number of very vocal and active twitter followers, many of whom responded to her request. She also retweeted a fairly good portion of the responses. I was seriously glad that night that I have an unlimited text messaging plan, because I follow her with text message notifications, and hoo-boy did my phone blow up. Apparently a lot of people had a lot of varied responses to that question.

I didn’t. It got me thinking, though. Do I consider myself a proper writer? If so, why or why not? It used to be that you were a Writer when you got published, be it a novel, a magazine article, a newspaper editorial, or what have you. It’s a lot harder to draw that line today when any Joe Schmoe can create a WordPress or BlogSpot account and start typing away about whatever random crap comes to mind.

Huh. That sounds familiar.

Anyways. So do I consider myself a proper writer? Kind of yes, but kind of no. A lot of novelists (Terry Pratchett and Stephen King come to mind immediately) talk about how the most important thing for a writer to do is to write a little something every day. I feel that up until I get myself to that point, I can’t really give a firm yes in answer to that question. This blog helps a bit, but I’m not quite there yet.

I’m ending this article how I started – with Amanda Fucking Palmer. AFP recently released an album called Theater is Evil along with her new band The Grand Theft Orchestra. It’s the one that the Kickstarter kerfuffle was about. What I wanted to share was the (fairly) recently released video for one of the songs “The Bed Song.” If you enjoy, go to this site and pay what you want for her album, it’s worth every penny. Or no pennies, if you’re so inclined.


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