Here Comes E3

E3 starts in a little less than a week and I was thinking about what I’m looking forward to this year:

  • Microsoft trying really hard to perform damage control and convince us we really, really honest to God want and X1.
  • Sony having a PS4 conference consisting of a giant screen with two lists: The awful things that Microsoft is doing with the X1 and the exact opposite things they’re doing with the PS4.
    • Maybe a price point so I know what to start saving?
    • Gran Turismo 6 looking hella sexy and reminding us the PS3 still has some life left in it.
    • Sony reminding us all that we should go buy The Last of Us like, right the fuck now.
    • More info on the new Infamous game!
  • Nintendo desperately trying to remind us that the Wii U is a thing that currently exists that we should totally buy.
    • New Zelda game(s) to make us want to buy a Wii U and/or 3DS.
    • Actually, I’m seriously looking forward to the 3DS Zelda game.
    • Not giving a shit about the new Mario Kart/Super Smash Bros./Pokémon games.
  • Another crazy balls Saint Row IV trailer.
  • Finally figuring out anything at all about Dragon Age III.
  • Hoping that Assassin’s Creed IV as a lot of naval battles, because the Naval Battles in ACIII were about my favorite part.
    • Actually, I’d take those naval battles as a full game, tyvm.
  • Hoping that this is an actual thing.
  • Remembering that I’ll have to buy a new controller before breaking mine playing Dark Souls II.
  • Looking for TESO info, then most likely quickly losing interest. Sorry Bethesda, I just don’t think that series needs an MMO.
  • TV.

So what about y’all? Looking forward to anything from E3 2013?


One thought on “Here Comes E3

  1. You should do a follow up post on Microsoft’s switch. It’s interesting reading this after the big news. Also, MFW I still haven’t played the Dragon Age II DLC.

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