Happy Shutdown day!

First things first, seriousness aside:   Happy Oktoberfest everyone!  You haven’t really experienced a week-long festival of drinking until you’ve done so in Wisconsin.  We’re not drunks up here, we’re fucking professionals.

Now to be a downer.  This goddamned ridiculous government shutdown.  I just don’t understand the mindset behind politicos who believe it’s better to shutdown the government than to surrender even an inch in the battle against “Obamacare.”  What, exactly, is so bad about people receiving more/better healthcare insurance coverage in a country which spends the absolute most on healthcare costs?  Little bit of a confession, I’ve been unemployed for a while now, searching for a job.  While unemployed I’ve been on a waiting list for Wisconsin’s public healthcare program Badgercare for about 6 months now.  With the ACA healthcare exchange, I could have health insurance within the month.  What, exactly is so injurious about that?

Anyways.  Single payer.  That’s all I really gotta say.


One thought on “Happy Shutdown day!

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