Because, you know. SODOMY.

So I live in Wisconsin, and right next door in Minnesota they’re discussing marriage equality.  Which is great.  But then I learned that this happened:

So I was sitting writing this post trying to decide whether I should pick this apart based on the science, or just because of good ol’ fashioned “WTF?!”  I’m pretty sure my favorite part is his complete and utter misunderstanding of HIV and AIDS. If I’m getting what he’s saying, he’s equating HIV/AIDS to some sort of – I don’t know – critical mass of sperm in the blood stream.  Yeah.  I just hope/wish someone got an opportunity to refute what he said and call him out on his complete and utter bullshit.

Anyways.  On a completely unrelated note, Google is shutting down Reader, and I’m seriously disappointed because now I have to find a replacement.  Suggestions welcome.