Afraid Not Scared

A discussion on Google+ today in the Gaymer community (thanks again, Brian) this week about finding video game characters attractive got me thinking. No, not about sexiest video game character(s), but about Dead Space 3 and the evolution of survival horror franchises. Yes, I know, my mind goes weird places.

I realize we’re more than a month out from the release of Dead Space 3, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t talk about it. The game has been out there and digested by many players, and has had plenty of time to be absorbed into our cultural consciousness. One of the sticking points brought up about Dead Space 3 was that many folks felt that is was too “action-y,” and had strayed from it’s survival horror roots. Some games make this transition well (Resident Evil 4), and some games do this poorly (Silent Hill 4). Again though, I’m not going to make this into a review of DS3, but instead focus on the more general ideas.

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